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      With the rapid transformation of traditional manufacturing industry to high-end advanced manufacturing industry, Jiangsu Hongbao Group based on a high starting point, high efficiency, high precision, high automation, invested and registered "Jiangsu Hongbao heavy precision Machinery Co., LTD."in August 2015. It is located in Jiangsu (Zhangjiagang) Yangtze River heavy equipment Industrial Park, geographical location is superior, land and water transportation is very convenient (the company is only 800M away from the Yangtze River heavy equipment terminal, heavy equipment terminal is equipped with more than 2000 acres of heavy equipment assembly area and special short barge track, and single lifting capacity up to 600T, It has attracted all kinds of heavy equipment, engineering equipment and offshore machinery equipment enterprises to settle in). We has accumulated rich experience in forging mold processing, equipment manufacturing, automobile model mold, as well as petrochemical, medical mining and Marine engineering equipment and other high-end precision mechanical parts and equipment processing and manufacturing, forming a unique core competitiveness.
      The total planning area of Hongbao Precision Machinery is 128 mu, of which the 11,000 square meters of the first phase of the main plant has been built in 2015 and put into use in 2016, the main span length of the plant is 117M, the width is 32M, the height is 35M, the double-deck double-beam crane is set, the lifting height is 25 meters, the lifting weight is 250T. Core processing equipment includes: 2 sets of German-made Ingersoll five-axis linkage CNC gantry machining center; 1 German Waldrich Seigen five-axis CNC gantry machining center; 2 German DROOP & REIN 5-axis CNC machining center; 1 SCHIESS/OFBW180 CNC floor boring and milling machining center; 1 German ZERBST/DXP63007000 surface lathe: a Japanese Mitsubishi CNC floor boring and milling machine; 3 Italian MECOF/UNICA CR15 four-axis CNC vertical milling machines; 1 Russian ZTS6640 large CNC gantry milling machine; A Korean HM8000 double table horizontal machining center, an imported CAHRMANN (Salman) large-scale portal turning and milling complex machining center, 30 meters long, 8.4 meters wide, 10 meters high, 600 tons of self-weight, we can meet the precision machining of large workpieces, the equipment is scheduled to be installed and commissioned before December 2019 and put into use. In addition, our company is also equipped with SkDA (SOKDA) floor boring and milling machine, Ravensburg 1.8 m *8 m turning and milling complex machining center, 5 m *2.5 m *1.6 m CNC vertical lathe, we have water knife cutting, plasma cutting, friction stir welding, deep hole drilling and other supporting processing equipment, and direct reading spectrometer, coordinate measuring instrument, profiler, Renishaw detection and other detection equipments.
      Hongbao Precision Machinery actively responds to the military-civilian integration development strategy, relying on the group's human, capital and management advantages, to create high-end precision machinery products, promote the development of China's manufacturing industry, adhere to the advanced manufacturing technology as the basis, through strict selection and technical training, to create a high level of technicians, standardized management and strict quality management. With exquisite technology, precision processing, complete testing, to provide users with high quality, high satisfaction of products and services.


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